This is Una Flynn’s bright idea for Cork.

Getting people active & energised. Our bright idea is an outdoor gym area for our learning centre.


Our learners have physical, intellectual, sensory and mental health difficulties.

The benefits of an outdoor space for exercise – social, physical and psychological &the benefits of being out in the fresh air will help enhance our learners lives and learning.

For learners with physical disabilities or recovering from illness / injuries exercise is recommended to improve mobility and function and aid recovery.

Other learners with mental health difficulties would benefit from exercise or relaxed space outdoors to relieve stress and anxiety and to promote positive mental health, improve attention and focus on learning.

Learners with intellectual difficulties can benefit by improving concentration and co-ordination through participation in physical activity.

Finally the big HEALTH benefit, many of our learners are unhealthy, overweight and sedentary.

Participating in physical activity can help to lower weight, blood pressure and cholesterol. Reduce risk of metabolic disorders and can improve overall mood. We have a largely unused green area to the back of the building which would be an ideal space for some outdoor gym equipment, and some seating around our paved garden for relaxing.

Two years ago we in the National Learning Network had a fundraiser to develop a garden area for learners, unfortunately the money only covered the cost of paving and planting and one bench.

We have over 100 learners in the centre who need their own space outside of the class environment to relax, gather their thoughts and access physical activity to improve their health.