This is Shane Hennessy ‘s bright idea for Cork.

Help elderly people living in communities around Cork to stay active.


Social isolation and injuries from falls are the some of the biggest challenges that face elderly people living at home. 

Our award winning falls prevention day will educate people how to prevent falls at home, give them a take home program and allow them to meet similar people within their community. 

There is a desperate need for elderly people to educate further on this topic and encouraged to be more active to keep them safer and more independent within their communities.

The one day event will be carried out in community centres, local health centres and various other locations across a number of local communities in Cork.

There will be a follow up exercise workshop in each of the locations. In addition to this we hope to develop an information booklet to increase the number of people that may benefit from the program.

The one off event that took place in Santry, Dublin won the prestigious NHI community initiative award in 2015.