Rainbow Club for Autism’s Bright Idea for Cork was a 2015 winner.

To equip an indoor and outdoor area to support children with autism and sensory difficulties.


The Rainbow Club, winners of Ireland’s Brightest Idea, explained how they’ve been getting on and how the money they received through Bright Ideas is being used.

“The Rainbow Club is really busy right now – there are 140 children with autism going through the doors every week so we’re at full capacity.”

Karen O'Mahony, Rainbow Club

There is currently a waiting list and new volunteers have been recruited so they can expand their services and help even more children.

Catering for children from pre-school age right up to 18 years old, with people coming from all over Cork city and county to use the service.



The sensory area has been fully kitted out with equipment using the money received from KBC.

“We’re delighted to say the least. As well as the funding, we got lots of publicity from Bright Ideas and that has really helped to spread the word about our service.”

Karen O'Mahony, Rainbow Club

The Rainbow Club have seen huge improvements in the children who are attending, with some examples being improved communication skills and better socialisation and engagement too.

They are managing day to day by trying to address needs as they arise. They have added music therapy for the older children and are also working with specialists such as a speech and language therapist and an occupational therapist.