This is Marianne Beasley’s bright idea for Cork.

Be connected with your coastal environment - Go with reverent feet and Leave Only Footprints.


The need for this campaign has been highlighted due to the negative impact of littering on our beaches during the busy summer months.

Littering is detrimental to the ecosystem as the rubbish can get into the ocean and impact on the quality of the water and marine life. In addition it is unsightly, poses a health hazard and indicates thoughtlessness for the wonderful coastal region.

The campaign seeks to effect a positive behaviour change, by visitors to the coast to respect the coastal area and leaving only footprints on the sand, after their visit to the seaside.

This will benefit the coastal environment and community as so many in the locality depend on tourism and maintaining the blue flag beach status for their livelihoods.

The ‘Bring 2 Bags’ is an additional complementary campaign that is based on bringing a beach bag but also another bag to take their rubbish etc. home with them, rather than in overflowing bins or as happens on busy days beside bins or on the sand.

The principle at the heart of  both campaigns is on respect and care for our natural environment & our coastline, the ‘Leave Only Footprints’ campaign is very appropriate for protecting our marine life & beach .