This is Ciaa Cronin’s bright idea for Cork.

A class that provides children with Special Education Needs, with more social skills and confidence.


The class will provide children with Special Education Needs, the social skills and confidence needed for children to not only survive but thrive in school and everyday life.

Children with SEN are from the minute they are born faced with problems they did not create themselves. My hope it to provide these children with the tools they need to ensure that they are included and successful in life. Children are the heartbeat and future of a community and my hope is that by investing in children, I am investing in the future.

While I am a teacher and therefore have quite a lot of experience in this area, I also have passion and a love for what I hope to do. Without confident, happy children, the dilutive is not very bright and I truly believe that I am be successful in this adventure.

I plan to provide weekly classes focused on social skills, these classes will run alongside the school term. The children will be in classes of six. I will also provide a confidence building class through dance and sport.

These classes will not just be open to children with SEN but also children who may need a little extra help making friends and building self esteem. With the rise of social media, it is important for children to have the tools to build self esteem and this is something I am hoping to be able to teach children.

The money will be spent on Lego for the Lego social skills club, chairs, cushions and flexible seating will also need to be bought. iPads will be bought so the children can learn through apps which build self esteem. Art equipment, books and a set of visual timetables will also be purchased.