This is Cathal Geraghty’s bright idea for Cork.

The Rebel Swim aim is to encourage communities and people of all abilities to get physically active


The Rebel Swim will give people in communities throughout Cork the opportunity to become more physical activity through swimming.

The initiative would target specific demographics within the local community women, people with a disability, teenagers, disadvantage youth, older adults and inactive men alongside the general public.


  • 200 plus participants.
  • Each target group represented.
  • Participants go to join local swimming clubs or Swimming groups formed.
  • Participants engage in other physical activities.


  • Identify pools to run the event.
  • Identify key stakeholders to support the event.
  • Develop support program (8 week training plan).
  • Train swimming teacher to deliver the program.
  • Strategies put in place to reach target demographics.
  • Promote event.
  • Run Event.
  • Evaluate the event.

Get Ireland Active national physical activity plan for Ireland outlines that one of the key actions identified in Getting Ireland Active is developing sport and physical activity in the community.

I believe that swimming is a key part of this plan but the reality is that in some communities people are unable to participate in various types of physical activity such as swimming due to the absence of any disposable income in the family while other may lack confidence in the water.

A program like this I would hope to provide people the opportunity to to participate regards of their socioeconomic status as swimming is one activity that people can participate through their life.


Cork Rebel Swim