This is Bernie Buckley’s bright idea for Cork.

To create a relaxing and educational sensory garden space for our community creche.


To create a musical sensory garden in a patch of unused space at a community childcare service in Mallow to allow children to thrive in an organic environment.

This sensory garden would be used as a place to bring children and adults of all abilities to enjoy nature and music together.

We at Mallow Community Childcare have already cleared the space, so we will put in top soil to even out the surface, plant plants and shrubs, fence it in a bit to make it safe.

Plant a butterfly garden and create a bug hotel. Fit outdoor natural musical items and a fab seating area.

Invite the community in, i.e. other childcare services, schools, old folk homes, youth services and make lots of music together in a happy healthy environment. We will use as much recycled materials as we can.

We will invite the community to assist in its development. We care about people, music, nature and recycling.