This is Amanda McAlister’s bright idea for Cork.

G.O. stands for Grow Ourselves, it's an action to utilise neglected spaces in our town to grow food.


Our food project beautifies abandoned spaces and we get vegetables!

Grow Ourselves is about encouraging health and clean fresh produce. It also promotes community interaction and knowledge sharing. It is educational and great for all age groups. Gardening is also great for mental health: nature therapy.

Our goal is to clear and prepare a new site for growing. We hope to have the present site ready by Autumn to prepare it for planting next spring. We will be setting up a poly tunnel also so we will also be growing winter veg.

G.O. is about nourishing ourselves physically through eating our own fresh produce.

It also nourishes us in a social and emotional way as we get to make more friends within the community. It gives people a healthy pursuit in the open air with the chance to learn and to teach.