This is Gael Taca’s bright idea for Cork.

Bright images & phrases from the Irish language painted on a Cork City wall.


Working with the Irish-Language Community of all ages, the opportunity to bring all Irish-language groups of varying disciplines and ages together would go a long way in strengthening the Irish-language community Lee-side.

We at Geal Taca would hold a consultation evening in late February to decide on what images, lyrics and poetry to feature on the wall. Painting would start in March 2017, during the National Celebration of Seachtain na Gaeilge. A rota would be devised with people from different groups rostered together. The painting would be carried out over six weekends, to be completed by April 2017.

The main function of the organisation is the promotion of the Irish Language in Cork City & County. This function is carried out in many ways. Gael-Taca works to run and promote various Irish-language educational and cultural events including: programming aimed at school going GaeilgeĀ­ and partnerships with the business and arts community to make the Irish-language more visible and audible throughout Cork City. Gael-Taca is dedicated to supporting groups and individuals who wish to engage with the Irish-language.

An Balla Beo will contribute to the bilingual landscape of Cork City and present the Irish-language to a new audience in a creative and fresh way.