This is Sarah Lee Kiely’s bright idea for Limerick.

An urban fairy garden for the kids in our neighbourhood


An urban fairy garden for the kids in our neighbourhood.

Janesboro has a few green areas with mature trees and we would like to enhance these green spaces by making it a mini fairy garden in 2 locations near our primary school & in the centre of our community to help the young families get out and about, get to know each other, teach young kids to have pride in their area and look after it. Older people will also love to see the kids play and enjoy this.

With the Youth Club in the area and the residents association we can buy the fairy doors from the Irish Fairy Door company and get the young and old to weed, plant , clean and build our little community fairy garden.

The doors can be ordered on line and starting in September the Youth Club can spend a few hours a week getting the weeding and prep work done.

The Residents’ Association can do the heavy work as we feel the surrounding area will benefit from this .A lot of families go to visit the fairies in Castleconnell but some kids don’t have this luxury so we would like our own.

We are surrounded by housing estates: Janesboro, Rathbane, Kennedy Park, Glasgow Park, Southill and there are 3 schools nearby. It would be great to have a place to go for a walk and involve all the kids in a bit of magic to brighten up any day.